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The great things you can do for the mind, body and soul in Torquay | Bells Beach Backpackers

When was the last time you treated yourself to something truly good for you? Not a cheat day of burger and cocktails. We’re talking, nourish-your-soul good.

After a stressful 12 months, it’s about time we all slowed down and were a little bit kinder to our bodies.

If this has hit a nerve for you, it might be time to escape to the beach. There’s something magical in the salty air of the coast that just soothes the senses. That might be why Torquay is such a magnet for yogis, health nuts and wellness seekers. You just need to take a look at all those surfers to get it. Have you ever seen a stressed out surfer? We thought so.

Whether you’re heading down our way for a surf break and wondering how else you can pamper your body or you just want a weekend away for yourself, here’s three ways you can find a little bliss in Torquay.

Move your body

Your bones might be a bit creaky and your muscles turned to jelly after a year sitting on the couch but it’s about time you put them to work.

Physical activity has unbelievable benefits, even if you’re just taking a walk around the block. Moving your body for just 30 minutes a day can boost your energy levels, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart attack, oh, and did we mention it helps reduce depression and anxiety? Yep, physical activity isn’t just good for the body, it’s great for the mind. The endorphins from a stroll along the beach or a wet and wild surf can put you in a calmer and happier state of mind. If that isn’t a brilliant reason to get off your butt, we don’t know what is.

Surf Coast Walk

One of the most spectacular walks in all of Victoria, the Surf Coast Walk winds the gorgeous rugged coast between Point Impossible and Fairhaven. Winding through the coastal towns of Torquay, Anglesea and Airey’s Inlet, through leafy eucalypt forests and past the iconic Bells Beach, the 44km walk is bound to get your blood pumping.

If that sounds a bit too far for you, it’s easy to break the walk up into shorter (but equally spectacular!) chunks.



Arguably the best form of exercise (although maybe we’re a bit biased) a splash around in the waves with your board is the most fun you’ll ever have getting active. Whether you’re a pro or still a bit wobbly out there, Torquay is the perfect surfing destination with a tonne of beaches to choose from.

If you’ve never even seen a surfboard before, that’s cool too! Torquay is super beginner friendly. We recommend checking out our guide to learning to surf, then taking a lesson with our mates at Torquay Surf Academy or Go Ride a Wave.


Join a yoga or pilates class

Need a bit more motivation to get moving? The best thing about group classes is you have someone to hold you accountable and push you to hold that pose just a little bit longer.

Yoga and pilates are brilliant for the body and they have an immeasurable impact on your mental health, especially when you add a little meditation into the mix. As you reach, bend, stretch and breathe your way through a class, you’ll soon see why everyone gets so obsessed.

It’s All Yoga

Tucked away on Baines Crescent just minutes from our hostel, you’ll find this gorgeous community studio. It’s All Yoga is an inclusive space for all bodies, abilities, backgrounds and beliefs.

They offer workshops, yoga teacher training, wellness treatments and weekly classes in the styles of Vinyasa, Yin, Slow Flow and Meditation. Just choose what works for you and find your groove.


Surf Coast Pilates

Grab your mat, it’s time to try some strength-building, smile-inducing pilates. Surf Coast Pilates aim to create a welcoming and supportive community in a beautiful space. Their talented team of instructors will help you achieve all your fitness goals and have a lot of fun along the way.

Classes include mat pilates, reformer pilates and studio equipment pilates, so choose your own adventure and go forth and conquer that workout!


Be pampered

If you’re feeling a little tense, stressed or just a bit blah, take off your backpack, leave your surfboard behind for the day and TREAT YO SELF!

Surf Coast Wellness Rooms

When you’re in need of a bit of gentle nurturing, the Surf Coast Wellness Rooms on Baines Crescent offer salt therapy, infrared saunas and floatation. They’ve got a skilled team who specialise in different areas to offer a holistic approach to your health. It’s the ultimate blissful afternoon away from the world and your healing begins the moment you step through the door.

Saltair Spa

What did we tell you? That Torquay salt air is incredibly nourishing! At Saltair Spa, just throw on a gown and let the luxury begin. This day spa has all sorts of goodness from relaxation massages to facials. If you want to truly embrace your surroundings, opt for a sea salt exfoliation. You’ll come out looking as fresh and soft as a baby seal.


We hope this helps you find your zen! If you’re looking for a place to stay in Torquay while you treat your mind, body and soul, you can rest your head at Bells Beach Backpackers from just $30 a night.

Written by Rachel Wagner.

Bells Beach Backpackers Content Writer.

CONNECT WITH US: @bellsbeachbackpackers

Rachel Wagner is a freelance producer who writes about the good things in life - travel, culture, creativity and how to tread lightly on our Earth along the way.

She previously flexed her creative muscles as a Podcast Producer for the Mamamia Women’s Network before she gave up the desk life to travel the world. Over the past three years Rachel has found her home in Melbourne, Scotland, England, Mount Buller and the Bellarine Peninsula. And now? Torquay baby!

Her top travel tip is not to be afraid of exploring a new place alone. You’ll be amazed at how many locals and other travellers you meet along the way, plus you’ll never have to say no to a spur of the moment adventure.

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